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TYT Tytera MD-390, whats new and different?

Posted by Bill Dick on

2015 marked the real beginning of the Chinese branded DMR digital radios. TYT was a leader with the MD-380, which has garnered quite the user base, and for us folks in Canada is also certified by Industry Canada with IC: 10337A-MD380. TYT has followed up with the, new for 2016, TYT Tytera MD-390. Both radios look almost identical side by side, so whats different?

Well, the first difference is the case, the MD-390 being a tad larger. Why you ask? It is constructed to IP67 standards for water resistance. Along with the new case design comes new batteries, and battery eliminators.

A GPS is also a factory option on this radio for sending and receiving position reports.

The firmware has been updated, and so has the price.

Bottom line, if you plan on using the radio out in the elements the MD-390 is the one to go with, however if the water resistant casing is not an issue for you, save yourself a few bucks and go with the MD-380, while they are still around!


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