A Radio That For Once You Can Take Out Without The XYL Rolling Her Eyes :)

Posted by Bill Dick on

Most of us have all been in this situation. Heading out the door with the XYL (For those not into ham-speak that is your wife/girlfriend/partner) and you grab your radio, only to get "the look" or even worse, the "evil eye", and you place the radio back down and leave it at home.

You ponder next time sneaking it into your jacket pocket, but thats not going to work as she will see it when you pull it out to key up the repeater. You could clip it onto your belt, but she will notice it there too. 

What if the radio was so small it would fit into the palm of your hand, or even in your shirt pocket! What if the radio was so small it was an extension of your keyring, a ham radio key fob!

Thats it! A ham radio key chain. She will never notice it, and if she does, she won't believe its a real radio, its way to small for that.

Thats exactly what you're looking for. A radio so small that it can be used as a keychain! Yet fully functional allowing use of ordinary UHF repeaters.

You really have to see it to believe it. Measuring less than 10cm bottom to tip. Thats only about 4 inches. This entire radio is half the size of most handheld antennas. It is truly a portable radio that will go anywhere, and it will.
This set includes the radio, lanyard strap, and charger. As a bonus I will program your 3 favourite repeaters into it for you! Want more? An optional programming cable is available so you can change the programming at your leisure.

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