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Free Telescopic Antenna Promotion

Posted by Bill Dick on



Do I have your attention? I bet I do now. So here is the deal. For a limited time Fleetwood Digital is offering customers a free telescopic antenna. I bet your now waiting for the "but" right? Well actually there are "no buts", just pay nominal shipping and handling and the antenna is yours. Ah, I see, I bet shipping is $10 or $15 to cover the cost of the antenna, right? Actually no, we have not "hidden" the cost of the antenna in the shipping. The cost of shipping within Canada is $2.49, and the the USA only $3.49. Ok, but I'm going to need to buy some special adapter, thats only available from you, right? Again no, these are SMA antennas, and were offering either SMA-M or SMA-F. Hmmmm, so let me get this straight.

  1. A free telescopic antenna
  2. That doesn't cost a fortune to ship
  3. And doesn't require any special parts or fittings







Ok, I have to ask, why are you doing this?

We want to give back to the Amateur Radio community. It's also a great way to increase exposure to the Fleetwood Digital brand, and a positive way to introduce new customers to the products and services that we offer. A $1000 could be spent on ad campaigns that are not guaranteed to generate any traffic. By taking that ad budget, and doing this, we guarantee people will see our site, learn about who we are, tell there friends and colleagues, and have such a great experience that they will want to come back for future needs.


Thanks for reading, gotta get back to fulfilling all these antenna orders!

73s Bill





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