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Wouxun 2016 "Plus" Models - KG-UV8D / KG-UV9D

Posted by Bill Dick on

Wouxun 2016 "Plus" Models - KG-UV8D / KG-UV9D

So whats new, with the "new" Wouxun HT radios? In 2015 Wouxun finally did a true refresh of it's Amateur Radio lineup and introduced the KG-UV8D, followed soon after by the KG-UV9D. The 8D was their first with Cross Band Repeat, while the 9D was the first to offer AM Aircraft RX. Now for 2016 we have the "Plus" models of these two radios. So besides the "Plus" being more expensive, whats the real difference? KG-UV8D+ Non standard CTCSS codes can be used Voice inversion scrambler Voice compander "Power On" message can be customized Backlight intensity can be adjusted  ...

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