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Business Land Mobile Radios

Land Mobile Radios:
Sometimes referred to as Walkie Talkies or Two Way Radios. If you are a professional driver, or require a two way radio for your business these are what you need. Fleetwood Digital stocks great business band / commercial radios from US brands such as Tekk and TecNet, and also foreign brands such as Wouxun and TYT. These are commonly used by truckers on the freeway or logging roads, but also for vehicles that work in a despatch environment like taxi cabs and transport busses. 
A History of Success and Innovation
Tekk has 26 years of history as a stable and profitable manufacturer of 2-way radios, communications equipment, accessories and supplies. Over the years we have transitioned from a foreign owned corporation to being fully US owned and controlled. From the beginning we have designed and produced our own products. In addition, we have been a major behind-the-scene supplier to some of our competitors, providing them with lower cost portables, chargers and other key parts. Tekk is now entering it's 7th generation of portable radio products with great new features . . . smaller, lighter, thinner and featuring advanced 16 hour Li-Ion battery technology. A new line of mobiles has also filled out our line.
26 Years of Success!
Yes, founded late in 1985, Tekk has been the most stable supplier of 2-way radios in the US and World market. No other company has matched our record of consecutive profitable years. No other company has matched our record of on-time shipments, quick after service and availability of parts for repair and support. Tekk keeps this pace by responding to the market and expecially to the needs of the end user through our large group of direct and e-commerce dealers.
7th Generation of Portable Radios now approved for use around the world!
The new X-1000, X-1000s, X-1000E and X-100 Mil-Spec and IP-54 (Europe) portable radios are our 7th generation of handheld products. These new portables provide superior quality especially as compared to many of the Chinese products in the market. All of our units can serve for basic systems and for public safety by combining a rich set of advanced features with very low cost . . . only Tekk has been able to do this. We do it by designing and producing our own products with our over 26 years of experience.