Astatic-7081-SWR Meter-Fleetwood Digital

Astatic HF SWR & RF Power Watt Meter - QRP (100W Max) - 302-01637


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Checking and maintaining a good SWR is vital to any radio station. A low SWR indicates your antenna is tuned for the frequency or channel being used and often optimal power is being radiated by the antenna. A poor SWR will result in minimal power coming from the antenna, and may even damage the radio. The Astatic PDC1 is great for low power or QRP HF radios such as the X1M, or any of the CB radios that we sell.
  • Astatic branded SWR/Watt Meter
  • A basic meter for the price conscious consumer
  • Covers HF frequencies 1.7Mhz - 30Mhz
  • QRP 10W-100W Max Input RF
  • 52Ohm

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