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Periographer - Cell Phone / GoPro Hero Tripod Mount - Periscope, Facebook Live & Meerkat


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On the fence about this Periographer - Cell Phone / GoPro Hero Tripod Mount - Periscope, Facebook Live & Meerkat? ADD TO CART now. The fence is electric :)

Are you looking for a nice stable mount for your cell phone while filming Periscope? Do you wish you could have a nice tripod mount for your Android while streaming a Meerkat broadcast? Periscope your morning drive? Facebook Live your adventure while paused on the trails with your mountain bike?


Well relax, life's about to get so much simpler!


Introducing the Periographer. Your own personal videographer for Periscope. Simply attach your cell phone to the universal clip, and then attach the clip to a standard camera tripod, and your ready to shoot nice, steady, professional looking Periscope and Meerkat broadcasts.


The included "Phone Claw" opens to a maximum size of 4 inches / 10cm and when fully collapsed is 2 1/2 inches / 6cm. it is adjustable by a locking screw to select the size, and then one side of the claw is spring loaded to keep your phone secure. NO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED, all nuts and bolts can be tightened with your fingers. As an added bonus, a small removal tool is included for hard to loosen screws.


The Periographer is made of quality materials, and the highest of build quality. This is not some cheap piece of plastic that feels like it will snap at the springs and cause your precious phone to tumble to the ground. The Periographer is designed for those who appreciate quality, robustness, and reliability.


Going for a bike ride? How about a drive in your car? The Periographer knows no boundaries. With included handlebar and windshield mounts forget following the action, you will be the action! - Thats right INCLUDED. The Periographer comes with Tripod, Bicycle, and Car, mounts. Relax, life's about to get so much simpler!


So how does this support your phone?

  1. Standing on a counter
  2. Suspended on a tripod
  3. Attached to the handlebars of your bike
  4. Affixed to the windshield of your car


Thats a 4 in 1 solution! (And thats before we start thinking outside the box and using the handlebar mount to attach to things like a pipe, speaker stand, or low lying tree branches. This really is the most robust solution you will find anywhere!)


Act now to make life so much simpler!


As an added bonus, due to the materials, and design architecture, the Periographer is also compatible with the GoPro Hero line of action cameras. So now this incredible device becomes a 8 in 1 solution as you can attach a Go Pro Hero to your Bike, Car, Tripod, or elevate it off a counter / table top.


If you are an active blogger interested in reviewing the Periographer please contact us.


Periscope, Facebook, Android, iPhone, GoPro, and Meerkat are registered trademarks, and no endorsement is made or implied, nor is the Periographer required to use either service. The Periographer is simply a way to make life simpler while using these types of video recording apps and services. Mini tripod, glass stand, and iPhone, as shown in photos, is for pictorial reference only, and are not included.


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