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BC and Canada Forestry, Freeway, Highway, and Walkie Talkie Frequencies

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** Nothing in this PDF is proprietary or secretive. **

All information has been pulled from public websites, and simply organized into a single PDF file. The file is handy to have on your phone or tablet for when you need to look up a frequency, and do not have internet, or a reliable cellular signal. Being PDF it is easy to zoom in to, as you may need to depending how large the screen on your device is. Currently there are ~650 frequencies for various logging roads, and other commercial driver / "trucker" radio frequencies commonly used within BC and Canada. This is an instant download, in PDF format.

This is great for those who venture into the back country and want to be able to listen for trucks coming down the road, or simply want to stay safe and monitor activity around them.


This list contains the following:

  • BC RR Resource Road Frequencies
  • Western & Northern Canada Open Mobile Frequencies 
  • FRS / GMRS Radio Frequencies
  • NOAA Weather Frequencies
  • User Specific BC Forestry Logging Road Frequencies
  • BC Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resources
  • Quebec Forestry Logging Road Frequency Channels
  • Northern Alberta Forestry Logging Road Frequency Channels
  • Ontario Forestry Logging Road Frequency Channels
  • Manitoba Forestry Logging Road Frequency Channels

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