Configure Shipping Zones For Marketplace Sellers

Country-Wise Shipping
Visiting the Shipping Configuration section of the Seller Panel, the seller has to enable the Shipping Method first.

Once enabled, Seller will click on the “Range Details” button and proceed to add Shipping ranges on the basis of Price or Weight of the Product. Seller needs to set at least one range for the selected shipping method.

By Clicking on view button in front of the Shipping method we can add countries & can edit/ delete the states and with viewing range details.

Clicking on Range details, the pre-existing ranges can be edited and new range can be added.

The range is decided on two bases:

Price of the Product
The weight of the Product

Seller will set the shipping ranges from here:

After adding the Shipping ranges, the seller can now proceed to add countries.

By clicking on Edit button we can separately set the shipping charges to state wise and can also enable/disable the particular state for shipping.

Now, Seller will select the Country and add shipping costs for each range added by the seller.

This way, Sellers can set country-wise shipping.

If after defining the ranges you do not see where to enter the pricing for the ranges click the three dots under action and then select "View"

Here is an example of rates set for some of the provinces of Canada, based on weight.

These rates correspond to the range set under Range Details

Important Reminder

Your rates will be shown in parallel with the rates set by Fleetwood Digital. A customer will see both rates.