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Baofeng CH-6DMR (DMR and Analog) Dual Band Two-Way Radio (144-148MHz VHF & 430-450MHz UHF),Includes Full Kit with Programming Cable

Baofeng CH-6DMR (DMR and Analog) Dual Band Two-Way Radio (144-148MHz VHF & 430-450MHz UHF),Includes Full Kit with Programming Cable

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Quick Specs

  • 144-148
  • 430-450
  • SMA Female (Chinese Style)

K Plug


  • FM
  • DMR

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Baofeng radio

Baofeng CH-6DMR is IC Certified radio, IC Certification #: 25196-DM1706

Baofeng CH-6DMR is one of the most versatile dual-band DMR radio available. Designed for amateur usage with its large, bright colour TFT display. The CH-6DMR can store 4,000 Channels and 120,000 Contacts (VIA CSV files upload.)

Join the digital amateur ham radio revolution today with the Canadian edition Baofeng DM-1706 (CH-6DMR) and spare no compromises. Not only do you get a dual band radio, you also get a dual band analogue FM and digital DMR Tier II, and  the cherry is on the top as there is a programming cable in the box! While front programming is possible for the amateur band, the included programming cable when combined with a W10 PC will make building your DMR code plug a breeze. Fleetwood Digital even provides a step by step guide found at the bottom to help make building your code plug and getting you on the DRM airwaves as quick as possible. If you've been waiting for a DMR radio to replace an aging analogue radio, while still maintaining backwards compatibility with your favourite FM repeaters, and don't want to break the bank, Baofeng has your back.


  • Frequency Range:
    • VHF 144-148 (TX/RX) 2M Ham Band Only
    • UHF 430-450 (TX/RX) 70CM Ham Band Only
  • Channel Capacity: 4000 Channels
  • Channel Spacing:
    • 25KHz (Wideband)
    • 12.5KHz (Narrow-Band)
  • Phase-locked Step: 5KHz, 6.25KHz
  • Frequency Stability: ±2.5ppm
  • Operating Voltage: 7.4v DC ±20%(2200mAh)
  • Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ +60℃



  • Output Power:
    • High: 5W
    • Low: 1W
  • Consumption (TX): Analog ≤1.6A Digital ≤ 0.9A
  • Consumption (STB): ≤0.18A
  • FM Modulation (Wide/Narrow): 
    • 16K¢F3E @25KHz 
    • 141K¢F3E @20KHz
    • 11K¢F3E @12.5KHz
  • 4FSK Digital Modulation: 12.5KHz for data 7K60FXD
  • 12.5KHz for data and voice: 7K60FXE
  • Modulation Distortion: <5%
  • Signal-to-Noise (Wide/Narrow): ≥45dB@25KHz, ≥40dB@12.5KHz
  • Adjacent Channel Power: ≤-65dB@25KHz ≤60dB@12.5KHz
  • Audio Response: +1 ~-3dB
  • Spurious Emissions:
    • 90KHz - 1GHz: ≤-36dBm
    • 1GHz -12.5GHz: ≤-30dBm
  • Digital Protocol: ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3
  • Vocoder Type: AMBE+2™
  • Compatible with Turbo DMR Tier II
  • Dual Slot DMR TDMA


  • Analog Receive Sensitivity: -122dBm (12dB SINAD)
  • Digital Receive Sensitivity: -120dBm (BER≤5%)
  • Audio Power: 1W
  • Audio Distortion: <10%
  • Audio Response: +1 ~ -3dB
  • Signal Imitation: ≥70dB
  • Intermediation (Wide/Narrow): ≥62dB / ≥58dB
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity (Wide/Narrow): ≥65dB / ≥60dB
  • Receive Current: ≤380mA
  • PM Noise: ≥45dB@25KHz / ≥40dB@12.5KHz

What's in the Box:

  • Baofeng CH-6DMR Dual Band Amateur Ham Radio
  • 2200mAh standard battery
  • Belt Clip
  • Programming Cable
  • Desktop Charger
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Earpiece Kit
  • Dual Band Antenna
  • Wrist Strap
  • User's Manual


Quick Start Guide Here! Our Quick Start Guide was written with the CH-6DMR in hand and was used step by step to validate the programming of the radio. By following these simple steps you too can enjoy more DMR and less code plug building and programming frustration!

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