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Baofeng-E-DC58-Charger-Fleetwood Digital

USB Amateur Ham Radio Charger 10V DC 5.5mm (Baofeng)


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Today is Jul 11, 2020 and life is too short to live without the USB Amateur Ham Radio Charger 10V DC 5.5mm (Baofeng). Go on, at only $12.99 CAD CDN even (s)he will say yes :)

With this cable you can connect your Baofeng UV-5R, UV-82 or any other Baofeng amateur ham radio battery chargers that uses a 10V DC 5.5mm plug charging base to a USB power port or USB battery bank and charge the battery without the use of the 110V AC wall wart. Great for camping or emergency preparedness situations.


Ask a Question
  • Does this cable need a separate 5V to 10V transformer or does it have one built in line with the cable?

    The caple will upconvert 5V to 10V, no external adapter is required.