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Complete Excel Course: From Beginner to Superhero in 9 Hours

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You can never have enough of Complete Excel Course: From Beginner to Superhero in 9 Hours, that is unless your partner has discovered you purchased another! At $14.00 CAD CDN who can resist?

Looking for something to do at home? Online learning can be fun and rewarding. Beat the isolation cabin fever and get a leg up on your professional work colleagues. Position yourself better for the next promotion, or a head start on a new career. You are in full control and the sky is the limit. Now is the time to take Default Title for a spin around your cranium and enlighten the mind and not the stomach. Your bathroom scale will thank us both :)

Become an Excel superhero. Learn the skills to find the solution to any Excel problem.

This course starts with the basics of formulas and managing spreadsheets and quickly moves to advanced Excel techniques required for creating powerful, dynamic and visually appealing spreadsheets.

It covers;

  • Using PivotTables to summarise large amounts of data.
  • Over 30 different Excel functions to handle any problem including INDEX, VLOOKUP, LEN, MID, IF, MATCH, and INDIRECT.
  • Visualising results with charts.
  • Conditional Formatting to highlight data comparisons, progress and issues.
  • Clean up messy data with formulas, Flash Fill and other Excel features.
  • Using macros to automate repetitive tasks.

Don't delay. Superhero's take action. Grab a coffee and let's get started. Your journey towards becoming an Excel superhero starts today.

What are the requirements?

  • A basic understanding of Excel. This course begins from about mid-introduction level.
  • A version of Microsoft Excel. The course is performed using Excel 2013, but any version is ok.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn some incredible Excel skills and techniques
  • Learn the most popular Excel formulas for business (over 30 covered in the course)
  • Be equipped to find a solution to any Excel problem
  • Understand the new features to Excel 2013

What is the target audience?

  • Those who want to be amazing at Excel and are willing to accept the responsibility of being an Excel superhero

Complete Excel Course: From Beginner to Superhero in 9 Hours

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