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Helida SY-UV99 Pure Dual Band Amateur Ham Prepper Radio Dynamo Crank Charger and USB Battery Bank

Helida SY-UV99 Pure Dual Band Amateur Ham Prepper Radio Dynamo Crank Charger and USB Battery Bank

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Quick Specs

  • 144-148
  • 430-450
  • SMA Female (Chinese Style)

K Plug


  • FM

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The Helida SY-UV99 Pure Dual Band Amateur Ham Prepper Radio is a high-performance and versatile radio designed for preppers, hikers, and amateur radio enthusiasts. The radio features a dual-band design that allows you to communicate on both the VHF and UHF frequencies, making it ideal for a wide range of outdoor and emergency situations. The radio comes with a built-in dynamo crank charger that provides a convenient and reliable way to charge the battery, ensuring that you're always connected and ready to communicate, even in situations where traditional power sources are unavailable. Additionally, the radio includes a USB battery bank that enables you to charge other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, using the radio's battery as a power source. The Helida SY-UV99 is also built to last, with a rugged and durable construction that can withstand harsh weather and environments. The radio includes a variety of features, such as a large LCD display, multiple scanning modes, and a 128 channel memory, that make it easy and convenient to use. Whether you're a prepper, a hiker, or an amateur radio enthusiast, the Helida SY-UV99 Pure Dual Band Amateur Ham Prepper Radio is a reliable, versatile, and convenient communication tool that can help you stay connected and informed in any situation.

Every preppers dream radio! One that can be charged by a dynamo hand crank, and used to recharge USB devices via its built in 5V DC output (1,500 mAh Maximum Capacity). Dual band frequency coverage, and a full 5W make this one of the most robust radios we have ever offered.


  • 2M / 70CM Ham Band to keep in touch
  • 1500 Battery Bank to keep your electronics charged
  • Dynamo Hand Crank to never be without power
  • FM Radio to stay abreast of evolving situations
  • LED Flashlight to find your way around camp

Includes a 110V AC adapter for charging when mains power is available.



 Helida SY-UV99 Pure Dual Band Amateur Ham Prepper Radio

Skeptical? Download the Instructions Here

Helida SY-UV99 Pure Dual Band Amateur Ham Prepper Radio

General Specification

Frequency range

144-148MHz / 430-450MHz

2M / 70CM Ham Only

Number of channels


Frequency stability


Operating temperature range 


Operating voltage


Channel spacing

25 / 12.5KHz

Antenna impedance



58 × 120 × 34mm



Transmitter Specification

RF power output

5W / 2.5W

Type of modulation


Emission class

16KØF3E / 11KØF3E

Maximum deviation

≤5.0kHz(W) / ≤2.5kHz(N)

Spurious emissions


Audio distortion


Transmitter current


Receiver Specification

Receiver sensitivity

-122dBm (at 12dB SINAD)


65 dB(W) / 60dB(N)


43 / 38dB

Rated Audio Power Output



Includes USB adapter for accessing and using the built in battery bank. Dynamo hand cranking requires A LOT of time to fully charge the battery, and is for emergency use only, unless you have a few hours to spare on a lazy Saturday afternoon! 60 RPM equals about 260mA of direct power to the cells. Remember, when the power is out, YOU will have power.

Pictured smart phone is for pictorial reference and not included, nor an endorsement for any compatibility.


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Ask a Question
  • Do we need to buy an antenna for the radio to work?

    The radio includes a dual band antenna.


  • Does the Helida SY-UV99 come with the cable and software required to program it? Why does the recommended bundle include cable and software from Wouxun?

    The recommended bundle is based on previous customers purchases. A standard K style USB cable that is common for most Chinese branded radios is required to program under Windows, it is not included. I can provide software after the purchase to program amateur frequencies and amateur repeaters into the radio. Any other questions don't hesitate to ask.