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LW1650 Portable HF Amateur Ham Radio QRP Antenna 1.6 MHz - 50 MHz

LW1650 (5-840-007)


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Today is Sep 22, 2021 and life is too short to live without the LW1650 Portable HF Amateur Ham Radio QRP Antenna 1.6 MHz - 50 MHz. Go on, at only $49.99 CAD CDN even (s)he will say yes :)

This portable long wire antenna is the perfect companion for portable or campground operation. A simple package, containing all the necessary components, coax, balun, long wire, and supports. It is a simple and effective, rapid deployment HF / shortwave antenna that is light weight, small in size, and easy to set up.


  • Perfect for use in shortwave listening (SWL), and HF QRP operation on the Amateur bands.
  • Includes all needed equipment including 9:1 Balun
  • Suitable for camping, emergency communications, and other places of temporary deployment.



  • Connect the coax to the radio with the included SMA to BNC adapter
  • Connect the other end of the coax to the Balun
  • Connect the long wire to the balun
  • Support the antenna using the include rope.



  • Stay away from buildings, trees or other large objects. The ideal site is a radius of about 12.5  
  • If the space is too small, use less support rope, but for the antenna and the ends of the support, keep each side at least 1 meter (3 to 4 feet).


  • Frequency range: 1.6 to 50 MHz
  • Impedance: 50 Ω 
  • Power: QRP < 5 watts
  • Polarization mode: Level
  • Radiation direction: omnidirectional
  • Interface: BNC (Includes SMA-BNC Adapter)
  • Antenna length: 16.2 m
  • Weight: 0.3 kg

Package Contents:

  • Coaxial Cable 6m (~20ft)
  • Support Rope 6m (~20ft) x 2
  • Antenna Element 16.2m (~53ft)
  • 9:1 Balun


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