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Fleetwood Digital-RR/LADD-Fleetwood Digital

Maxon America Radio Programming - 40 BC RR & 10 LADD Channels


Fleetwood Digital

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You can never have enough of Maxon America Radio Programming - 40 BC RR & 10 LADD Channels, that is unless your partner has discovered you purchased another! At $65.00 CAD CDN who can resist?

This item is for additional programming fee's associated with setup of the Maxon America radios. Included is programming the 40 BC RR channels and the 10 Western Canada "LADD" Channels. This price is valid at the time of purchase only, and can only be applied to the Maxon America line of radios.


Ask a Question
  • Is the Maxon TP-8102 the only unit you have for sale that is able to have RR & Ladd channels programmed into it? Is there a different until that can have those channels programmed into it, that is also capable of other channels that I would then need a license for? Thanks!

    The Maxon America TP-8102 would be my only offering (April, 2020) for a mobile radio that can be programmed for the RR and LADD channels, but can be reprogrammed at any time for additions or deletions by any radio shop that has the programming kit to do so.