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Pyramid PSV-300 30A 12V DC Amateur Ham CB Radio Switching Power Supply



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As hams we can never have enough gear or radios. You really do need another Pyramid PSV-300 30A 12V DC Amateur Ham CB Radio Switching Power Supply to go beside the one you purchased last week.

CONVERTS AC TO DC: The Pyramid Bench Power Supply is a 12V regulated design. Providing convenient and reliable AC-to-DC power conversion with a maximum source of 30 amps at 12V.

SCREW-TYPE TERMINALS: Features universal hardwired screw-type connection terminals that ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices, equipment and components. Used for component and device equipment testing and operation.

PLUG-IN OPERATION: The simple plug-in operation (110/220V AC) provides a constant source of DC voltage, allowing for quick and consistent power conversion. Switch-activated power control eliminates the need of an external battery or additional power source. Simply plug it into the wall and your ready to go!

SHORT-CIRCUIT PROTECTION: Equipped with a built-in electronic overload and short circuit protection to ensure safety of the operator and any connected electrical devices. Has rugged and durable housing construction safe for tabletop or desktop placement.

BUILT-IN COOLING FAN: The power converter features a built-in cooling fan to prevent the device from overheating. Amperage is up to 30 amps at an output of 13.8V DC and requires an input of 110/220V AC. (switchable power supply)


Recommended for use with VHF / UHF Amateur ham radios.

  • Lighted On/Off Switch
  • Overheating Protection
  • Cooling and Fan Control
  • Red/Black Terminal Post
  • 13.8V DC
  • 30 Amps Continuous


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