Red Cap Antenna-RC360MT-B-Antenna Mount-Fleetwood Digital

Red Cap Antenna Premium Antenna Hatchback 360 SO239 Swivel Mount W/ PL259 RG58 Coax

Red Cap Antenna

  • $39.99 CAD

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Install your mobile antenna without drilling holes in your car.
Attaches to the side of your hatchback door, trunk, anywhere a minimum 4 inch wide lip is available, and is held in place by 4 allen key screws.
Antenna mount swivels on 2 axis to give you flexibility in the end position of the antenna.
Cable is braided weather resistant, PL259 at the radio end and SO239 at the antenna end.
Allen key included

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  • Hello, continuing my research on a good mount for my 2 CRVs. Would this be a better type for my cars or the other (round) red cap one? Does this come pre-installed with the coax? 18' length? Thanks again. Al (VA7ADT)

    The coax is shipped non attached, you simply remove a nut, feed it through the hole on the mount, and tighten the nut back up. Length of the coax is 4M (12+ feet). This type of mount is ideal for the side of a hatchback door where you need to adjust the axis to make the antenna straight, or a trunk that is sloped.