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Red Cap Antenna RC951S 35CM SMA-M High Gain Dual Band Amateur Ham Radio Antenna

Red Cap Antenna

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35CM high gain dual band VHF/UHF antenna for radios with SMA antenna connectors. Great for use when your on the fringe of the repeater. Helps to clean up scratch and get you in! Also improves your range and reception when working simplex. Available in both SMA-F and SMA-M.

  • SMA Male = Newer Wouxun, most other Japanese radios.


  • Maximum Power: 10W
  • Frequency Range: VHF / UHF
  • Gain: ~2.15 / ~3.0 dBi
Why Red Cap?
  • We want to be different. While most antennas have a black or silver tip, ours is red. Get it, Red Cap Antenna. We are also a Canadian company, the Maple Leaf is Red. It's a Canadian colour.
  • We also simply liked the ring "Red Cap Antenna"

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Ask a Question
  • Is this antenna a replacement whip for stock HT antennas or does it come with a magnet mount for mobile use?

    This antenna is designed to fir directly on a HT radio. It is available in either SMA-F or SMA-M genders. For most Japanese and newer Wouxun brands SMA-M is usually the correct fit. The majority of Chinese brands including Baofeng and older Wouxun SMA-F is usually the correct fit. 


  • Will the SMA Male version of this work for my Icom T70A?

    SMA Male is the correct connector type for a Icom that uses SMA antennas.