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RTL SDR RTL2832U + R820T2 HF / VHF / UHF Software Defined Radio Scanner



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As hams we can never have enough gear or radios. You really do need another RTL SDR RTL2832U + R820T2 HF / VHF / UHF Software Defined Radio Scanner to go beside the one you purchased last week.

Antenna signals received by the receiver into data through the USB interface to the computer, Andrews mobile phones and other equipment, and then by the computer, Andrews mobile phones and other devices on the software to demodulate the signal demodulation, and display the spectrum, any set to receive Bandwidth, signal recording, save, playback and other functions. Through SDR software, receive 100KHz-1.7GHz electromagnetic wave within the scope of support AM, FM (NFM, WFM), CW, DSB, LSB, USB demodulation. Can be used to listen to short-wave single-sideband communication, FM radio, radio talk, air band, meteor monitoring ADS-B decoding radar, AIS signal reception.

Technical characteristics:
The receiver is built with 1 ppm temperature compensated crystal [TCXO]. Making the frequency more stable and accurate. Almost zero temperature drift [2 ppm initial deviation, 1 ppm temperature drift] Increased internal chip heat dissipation, making the work more stable. Using the latest RTL2832U + R820T2 program [R820T2 tuner with slightly better than the R820T sensitivity, lower noise floor, higher signal to noise ratio. Can be more stable to work around the frequency of 1.5 GHz. RTL2832U on the use of the Q channel, an increase of 100KHz-24MHz frequency of direct mining to receive. To achieve the whole 100KHz-1.7GHz receiver. Support XP Win7, Win8, Win10 and other systems.

Box Contents:
The software receiver is available in the form of integrated package, including a USB extension cable, a host, an SMA to BNC female converter head, an SMA UHF female conversion head, a plastic storage box. 

· Uses RTL2832U+R820T2 chip set.

[the R820T2 tuner has slightly better sensitivity than the R820T and also works better at frequencies around 1.5 GHz. 100% compatible with software for the older R820T.]

· 100KHz to 1766MHz, operating frequency

· 1 PPM temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO)

[Accurate tuning and almost zero temperature drift (2 PPM initial offset, 1 PPM temperature drift)]

  • Covers all HF amateur bands
  • Covers VHF & UHF bands from 24-1766MHz
  • Up to 3.2 M Sample rate. (~2.8 MHz stable)
  • Receiver modes AM, NFM, FM, DSB, USB, LSB and CW
  • HF Shortwave Q branch direct sampling
  • Note: depends upon the SDR software used with the receiver
  • 8-bit ADC giving ~50 dB dynamic range
  • 50 Ohm input impedance
  • SMA golden antenna connectors It is also more durable and has lower insertion losses.
  • Aluminum enclosure screened panels
  • Small size board
  • Freeware software
  • USB computer connection ( mini usb) Powered by common USB
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