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Skillshare Ninja : How To Become Successful On Skillshare

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Special offer today, May 25, 2020. Purchase the Skillshare Ninja : How To Become Successful On Skillshare for only $14.00 CAD and we'll do our best to keep your new rig or gear a secret from the XYL!

Looking for something to do at home? Online learning can be fun and rewarding. Beat the isolation cabin fever and get a leg up on your professional work colleagues. Position yourself better for the next promotion, or a head start on a new career. You are in full control and the sky is the limit. Now is the time to take Default Title for a spin around your cranium and enlighten the mind and not the stomach. Your bathroom scale will thank us both :)


  • No prior knowledge is required to take this course however it would be beneficial if you have an account on Skillshare


Being an online instructor means being an online entrepreneur.

And you, as an online entrepreneur, always try to maximize the results of your efforts, am I right?

You might be thinking that you have to keep creating new content and hoping that this time it will be a real success.

But what if you could produce less courses, but reuse them on different platforms so you can really maximize the results of your efforts?

That would be great, wouldn't it?

I mean you would keep your eggs in different baskets and stop being dependable on only one source of revenue from your online courses.

In this course you will learn EXACTLY what I do to be successful on one of those platforms - Skillshare.

My Skillshare classes have been taken by more than 6000 happy students who have awarded them with more than 800 positive reviews.

But at first I didn’t give Skillshare too much attention, that’s why my results were less than satisfying.

Then, after doing a lot of experiments, my efforts have started to pay off… and those that worked are now revealed to you in this course for the very first time.

Take a look at just a humble fraction of what you will learn inside

  • How to make your classes market themselves... on autopilot
  • Discover why your class title is the single most important thing of a successful Skillshare class and how to nail it every time
  • How to craft an irresistible promotional video of your class
  • How to make your course trend higher thanks to great class projects students will love to submit

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for online instructors who want to start teaching on Skillshare
  • It's also for those instructors who tired making it on Skillshare but gave up and want to give it another shot
  • It's not for seasoned online instructors and online entrepreneurs

Skillshare Ninja : How To Become Successful On Skillshare

Retail value $14.00


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