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SLP-30 HF SWL Toroid Magnetic Loop SDR Antenna 100KHz - 30MHz

SLP-30 (5-305)


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Proceeds of the purchase of this SLP-30 HF SWL Toroid Magnetic Loop SDR Antenna 100KHz - 30MHz will go towards feeding a hungry ham and his family.

The SLP-30 is a toroidal magnetic loop antenna and is a popular broadband antenna, effective for short-wave listeners (SWL) and amateur radio enthusiasts (HAM) to receive medium-wave and short-wave radio signals in the limited living space of the city.

Frequency coverage: 100kHz to 30 MHz. Excellent directionality can help you reduce noise and improve signal-to-noise ratio, and can dig out weak signals that are overwhelmed by noise when conventional antennas are used.

The SLP-30 loop antenna is stainless steel, easy to install, and can be temporarily attached on balconies, rooftops, and other small, compact, low-profile installations without upsetting neighbours and property management. Stows away nicely when not being used.

Another advantage of the SLP-30 loop antenna is that it is directional. By rotating the antenna so that the unity point of the antenna is aligned with the stronger signal, the specific near-field interference can be minimized, thus allowing weaker signals to be received. Local radiation noise suppression up to 30 dB compared to long-haul antennas

Being a SWL antenna do not connect it to the transmitter as it will cause damage to the preamplifier.

Package Includes:
SLP-30 amplifier with 10M cable
Stainless steel element
Bias supply
Power Cable
60cm SMA jumper cable
Stainless steel screws

Pictured mast is not included. A PVC pipe works great, available from most hardware stores.


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