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Surecom 8900D Tri Band (144 / 220 / 440) 25W Mini Mobile Pure Amateur Ham Radio


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Who says a tri band radio has to take up all the console space in your vehicle? Introducing the Surecom KT-8900D Tri Band (144 / 220 / 440) Mini Mobile Amateur Ham Radio. With an ample 25W RF output your signal will be heard long down the road, and with the included cooling fan you can ensure stable transmissions for those long extended QSOs!

PLEASE NOTE:  This radio is only compatible (TX/RX) with 2M / 220 / 70CM Amateur Ham Radio frequencies. It is not compatible with Logging Road / RR / Commercial / LADD / Marine, etc..

General specifications:

Frequency Range

VHF:  144-148MHz (2M)  /  220-225MHz (1.25M) 

UHF:  430-450MHz (70CM)

Number of channels 200
Channel spacing 25KHz、  20K、12.5
Phase lock step step 2.5KHz、5KHz、6.25 KHz、10 KHz、12.5 KHz、15 KHz、25 KHz
Working voltage 13.8V DC±15%
Squelch  way CTCSS、DCS、5Tone、2Tone、DTMF
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
Operat temperature -20+60℃
Dimension 98(W)*43(H)*126(D)mm
Weight 448g

Receiver(ETSI EN 300 086 standardized test)

   Wide Band  Narrow  Band
Sensitivity ≤0.25μν ≤0.35μν
Channel Cholce ≥70db  ≥60db
Intermodulation ≥65db  ≥60db
Spurious Rejection ≥70db ≥70db
Audio Response +1~~3db(0.3~3KHz)   +1~~3db(0.3~2.55KHz)
Signal to noise radio ≥45db  ≥40db
Audio Distortion ≤5%
Audio output power   ≥2W@10%

Transmitter(ETSI EN 300 086 standardized test)

   Wide Band Narrow  Band
Output Power 25W/20W(VHF/UHF)  
Modulation Mode 16KΦF3E  11KΦF3E
Channel Power ≥70db ≥60db
Signal to noise radio ≥40db ≥36db
Parasitic Harmonic ≥60db  ≥60db
Audio Response  +1~~3db(0.3~3KHz)  +1~~3db(0.3~2.55KHz)
Audio Distortion  ≤5%



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