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Ultra Heavy Duty Weather Proof Speaker Microphone For Wouxun / TYT / Baofeng


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Go on, click ADD TO CART. Your shack needs a Ultra Heavy Duty Weather Proof Speaker Microphone For Wouxun / TYT / Baofeng - And if you already have one a spare or two may come in handy.

Go ahead, get caught in the rain. Our top of the line, ultra heavy duty, speaker mic will not let you down. Enjoy clear, worry free communications in all weather conditions with this weatherproof speaker mic. And when ambient noise inhibits your ability to hear the audio, plug your own standard 3.5mm earpiece into the mic and enjoy private listening. Compatible with virtually all Wouxun, Baofeng, TYT, Puxing, Quansheng Chinese branded amateur ham radios, even Kenwood! Let mother nature hit you with her best storm because its all loud and clear, 10-4, QSL, or whatever your radio speak may be, from here!

  • 2 Pin Kenwood style pin-out.
  • Aux out for earpiece.
  • Premium build, rainproof / weatherproof design.
  • Rotating, reinforced spring clip on back.
  • 6cm Wide
  • 7cm Tall
  • 3cm Thick

Why "Ultra" Heavy Duty?

This microphone features additional reinforcement over our heavy duty speaker mic.

  • 5mm Cord ~50% thicker
  • 8mm Connection Point ~50% thicker
  • 1cm Base Point ~25% thicker
  • Rubber PTT vs. Plastic PTT

Partial Compatibility:

  • Wouxun:
    • KG-UVD1P
    • KG-UV2D
    • KG-UV3D
    • KG-UV6D
    • KG-UV8D / 8D+
    • KG-UV9D / 9D+
    • KG-D901
    • KG-UV899
    • KG-833
    • KG-928
    • KG-828
  • Baofeng:
    • UV-5R
    • UV-82
    • DM-5R
    • DM-1701
    • DM-1801
    • BF888s


Compatible with Wouxun, Quansheng, Puxing, TYT, Baofeng and most other radios that use a Kenwood "K" type plug. (Almost all Chinese branded radios)

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