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Weather Resistant Speaker Mic For Icom / Yaesu Amateur Ham Radio


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Go ahead, get caught in the rain. Our top of the line speaker mic will not let you down. Enjoy clear, worry free communications in all weather conditions with this weatherproof speaker mic. And when ambient noise inhibits your ability to hear the audio, plug your own standard 3.5mm earpiece into the mic and enjoy private listening. Choose from 4 popular pinouts to compliment your Icom or Yaesu amateur ham radio. Let mother nature hit you with her best storm because its all loud and clear, 10-4, QSL, or whatever your radio speak may be, from here!

  • Solid feeling, impact resistant casing
  • Weather resistant (light rain)
  • Aux out for earpiece
  • Small and durable
  • Select your pin type based on below compatibility


FOR ICOM: IC-T7H IC-W32A IC-F3 IC- F3S IC- F4 IC-F4S IC- F4TR IC-F10, IC-H2 IC- H6 IC- J12 IC-M5 IC-U12 IC-U16 IC-4008 IC-4088A And most Icom ham radios with a top 2 pin speaker mic connector.

Cobra(All 2-Pin) FOR Motorola Talkabout: 200 250 Distance Distance DPS

FOR Ritron Patriots Series: RTX SST Jobcom JMX MBX JMX-102 JMX-141 JMX-144 JMX-146 JMX-152 JMX-441 JMX-444 JMX-446 JMX-452 Patriot SST plus

FOR Motorola: 5500

FOR Vertex: VX200 VX500 VX510 VX52OUD 

FOR ICOM: IC-F3G IC- F3GS IC-F4G IC-F4GS IC-F11 IC-F11S IC- F14 IC- F14 S IC-F15 IC-F14/24 IC-F21 F21S F22 F31 F33 F43 ICOM IC-V8 and most Icom analogue ham radios with a 2 pin side mount speaker mic connector.

FOR YAESU VX: VX-1R VX-2R VX-3R VX-5R VX-10 VX-14 VX-17 VX-110 VX-150 VX-130 VX-131 VX-132 VX-160 VX-168 VX-180 VX-210 VX-210A VX-210 VX-210A VX-300 VX-400 VX-410 VX-420 VX-351 VX-354 VX-410 VX-420 VX-427

FOR YAESU FT: FT-10R FT-11 FT-11R FT-50 FT-60 FT-10R FT-40R FT-50R FT-51R FT-60R



FOR Motorola: 5500


FOR  Nanfone: NF-6600 NF-369

For Yaesu: FT-252 FT-257 FT-270 FT-277 HX-471VX-120 VX-120E VX-127 VX-127E VX-170 VX-170E VX-177 VX-177E VX-220 VX-270 VX-300 VX-460 VX-6E VX-6R VX-7E VX-7R VXA-300 VXA-700 VXA-710 


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