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Wilson weBoost Connect RV 65 Motor Home Travel Trailer Cell Phone Booster


Wilson weBoost

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Go on, click ADD TO CART. Your shack needs a Wilson weBoost Connect RV 65 Motor Home Travel Trailer Cell Phone Booster - And if you already have one a spare or two may come in handy.


  • To be used only when RV is stationary
  • Boosts signal for all Canadian cell carriers
  • Friendly, U.S.-based customer support
  • All components needed for installation in one package
  • IC Certified


  • Extends cellular signal range
  • Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds
  • Faster data downloads
  • Up to 2 hours additional talk time in weak-signal areas

How It Works:
Signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna, delivering those signals to the booster, amplifying the cell signals so your devices receive them, and delivering your device's boosted signals back to the cell tower.

1 Receives Signal: The booster reaches out to the cell tower to access voice, text and data signals while parked.

2 Boosts Signal: The booster receives the outside signal, amplifies it up to 32x and sends it to the inside antenna.

3 Expands Signal: The inside antenna broadcasts the boosted signal to devices inside the RV


Model Number: 471203
Frequency Band 12/17 700 MHz
Band 13 700 MHz
Band 5 850 MHz
Band 4 1700/2100 MHz
Band 2 1900 MHz
Max Gain 65 dB
Power Req 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 8 W
Connectors F-Female
Telescoping Pole Height (max/min) 25ft/6ft 2in
Dimensions 6.5 x 1.25 x 4.25 in
Weight 0.445 lbs


In the box:
Each device comes with everything you need for a complete installation. You can also pick up extra parts to extend your installation, if you need help, weBoost has robust customer service.

  • Connect RV 65 (471203F)
  • Telescoping Pole (900203)
  • Wall Mount (990056)
  • Inside Antenna (311155)
  • White RG-6 Low Loss Cable in 30' and 15' (x2) (950630, 950615)
  • AC Power Supply (850012)
  • Hardwire Power Supply (851111)
  • Outside Antenna (314475)







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