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Windcamp Gipsy Multiband (5Mhz - 50Mhz) Coil Dipole Portable HF Antenna



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On the fence about this Windcamp Gipsy Multiband (5Mhz - 50Mhz) Coil Dipole Portable HF Antenna? ADD TO CART now. The fence is electric :)

Get ready for Field Day with the Windcamp Gipsy multi band coil dipole and work 5Mhz - 50Mhz!

This is a full-sized half-wavelength horizontal dipole antenna specially designed for field day, and can be erected in horizontal, inverse V, cable-stayed or even vertical.

The resonant frequency can be flexibly changed in the range of 5-50MHz by rolling the elements on the reel to the pre-set markings for each band. 9 amateur radio bands 5 / 7 / 10 / 14 / 18 / 21 / 24 / 28(29) / 50MHz are marked as resonance points to facilitate fast and accurate switching of frequencies.


Approximate Lengths (with extended left and right arms):

  • 50 MHz (6M Band) - 2.1m long
  • 28(29) MHz (10M Band) - 4.2m long
  • 24 MHz (12M WARC Band) - 5m long
  • 21 MHz (15M Band) - 6.2m long
  • 18 MHz (17M WARC Band) - 7.4m long
  • 14 MHz (20M Band) - 9.4m long
  • 10 MHz (30M Band) - 13.4m long
  • 7 MHz (40M Band) - 19.4m long
  • 5MHz (60M Band) - 25.8m long


Frequency: 5-50MHz Continuously Adjustable
SWR: ≤1.5
Impedance: 50Ω
Power: 100W PEP
Antenna Wire: 20AWG Teflon
Connector: SL16 (UHF / SO239)         
Package Size: 75×75×130(WDH,mm)
Gross Weight: 0.6kg

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Ask a Question
  • Will this work for a cb ? Or 10 m ham?

    Yes, the antenna can be used on those frequencies as they fall within the specifications of the antenna.

    Thanks / 73s

  • What is the difference between the windcamp antennas

    The WA-4 is rated 7-50Mhz, where the Gipsy is rated 7-30Mhz.

    73s VE7IKX

  • bonjour , j'ai acheter le windcamp gipsy et je veut m'en servir uniquement de 25 à 30 MHZ, quelle longueur je devrai utiliser au total entre le fil droit et le gauche , sachant que vous donner comme référence dse 28 a 29 mhz 4.20m total. moi c,est de 25 a 30 mhz et pour le diametre du fil , 20awg est important ou je peut metre ce que je veut ? merci de votre reponse

    Being a continuous wound dipole just simply unwind enough to operate on the desired frequency. If you search for "Dipole Calculator" usign your favourite search engine numerous website will be presented with such calculators and often will provide picture diagrams of the elements and balun to assist in the measurements. You can also use the reference markers on the Gipsy antenna iteself and set in between the 24 and 29 zone and then using an antenna tuner or analyzer wind or unwind the antenna until a suitable match is achieved. I use the antenna for 20M and set the antenna to the 14Mhz zone and let the tuner on the radio complete the match. I have a semi permanent install on the ceiling of my shack and the antenna allows me to work the Pacific Rim, the Caribbean, and even as far as Brazil from CN89 (Vancouver, BC) I would not be concerened about the gauge.

    The Antenna uses 20AWG because it is small, lightweight, and easy to wind. As the antenna is positioned to those wanting a portable or semi permanent antenna it is ideal.


  • Hi, Which is correct, the heading above tells us that this is a gipsy antenna, 5 to 50 Mg. in your answer to the second question below you say that the Gipsy is 7 to 30 Mg. Also, what is the total length of the gypsy, I need to know this for installation reasons, if too long it will not fit my location. Cheers,

    Windcamp has updated the antenna to now resonate between 5 and 50Mhz, previous versions of the antenna were 7-30Mhz. The length of the antenna will depend on the band it is being setup for. When configured for 14Mhz it's about 10M long, at 7Mhz about 20M long. I have now published the manufacture stated lengths for all the bands on the product page, you may need to refresh your page to see the changes.