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Wouxun SPS31WIN 20A (30A) Switching Power Supply W/ Noise Offset Control


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Go on, click ADD TO CART. Your shack needs a Wouxun SPS31WIN 20A (30A) Switching Power Supply W/ Noise Offset Control - And if you already have one a spare or two may come in handy.

Use your Wouxun KG-UV920P / UV-950P or other mobile radio indoors as a base station with this 12V switching power supply. 20 Amp of continuous power is available, with a max burst of up to 30 Amps.
*** Noise Offset Volume Control ***
This allows you to adjust the pulse noise of the switching circuits of the power supply. Specifically designed for communication devices, like radios. This helps to reduce "noise" associated with traditional switching power supplies. Effectiveness varies by frequency and mode.
  • Input voltage: 110V/220V AC
  • Output voltage: 
    • Fixed 13.8V DC 
    • Variable between 9.0 and 15.0 V
  • Output voltage regulation: less than 2%
  • Protection: short-circuit - Automatic current limiting within 30A
  • Output current: 
    • 30A (max burst) 
    • 20A (continuous)
  • Controls:
    • Voltage Control (Pot)
    • 13.8V / Variable (A/B)
    • Noise Offset (Pot)
    • Power On/Off (A/B)
  • Ripple: less than 80mVp-p at rated load
  • Fuse: 220V:5A, 110V:8A
  • Meter: Volt / Current - Backlit
  • Dimensions: (Projections not included)
    • Width 155mm
    • Height 70mm
    • Depth 205mm
  • Weight: approx. 1.5Kg 
  • Works with most mobile / base, Amateur Ham / CB / Land Mobile radios

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  • Does the Wouxon power supply have connections on the rear and if so what type?

    The rear of the power supply has a single pair of terminals to accept either a bannana plug, or unscrew to attach bare wire.