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Wouxun-KG-UV950P-Mobile Ham Radio-Fleetwood Digital

Wouxun KG-UV950P 6M / 10M / VHF / UHF Quad Band Mobile Pure Amateur Ham Radio



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Do you have questions about the Wouxun KG-UV950P 6M / 10M / VHF / UHF Quad Band Mobile Pure Amateur Ham Radio? Don't hesitate to reach out, were more than happy to help out.

KG-UV950 Frequency ranges:

  • 28MHz - 29.795MHz
  • 50MHz - 54MHz
  • 144Mhz - 148Mhz
  • 430Mhz - 450Mhz
UU, VV, UV or VU
950 Output power:
  • 10M ~ 10W
  • 6M ~ 30W
  • VHF ~ 50W/20W/10W/5W
  • UHF ~ 40W/20W/10W/5W
FM Quad Band 10M, 6M, 2M, 70CM
F2E / F3E Modulation (FM)
Dual receive 
999 Memory channels
Remote mount head unit, includes separation kit
Cross band repeat. (Two 950s can form a conventional repeater)
CTCSS/DSC encode/decode (Repeater tone)
Simplex / Duplex repeater shifts
3 built in speakers. (Two on top of the body, one in the microphone)
Microphone includes full function DTMF pad and speaker mic volume adjustment.
Priority channel scanning
APO power management
Wide/Narrow bandwidth (25k/12.5k)
5K Frequency step
Voice prompts
Temperature & voltage detectors
EU repeater tone (2100/1750/1450/1000Hz)
Multicolor backlight
Commercial Land Mobile Features
Group Calls / All Calls / Selective Calls
Scrambler (8)
Stun / Kill
Whats In The Box?


(Besides The 950P Radio)




Ask a Question
  • Is it dual antenna connections, one conn. for HF and another for VHF/UHF.

    The radio has a single RF output. It is designed to be used with a Quad Band Antenna.


  • Is there programming software available for it ?

    Wouxun provides the software at no charge, and can be downloaded from here: