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Generic-K707M-Antenna Mount-Fleetwood Digital

Surecom 707M Mobile Antenna Magnet Mag Mount SO239



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You can never have enough of Surecom 707M Mobile Antenna Magnet Mag Mount SO239, that is unless your partner has discovered you purchased another! At $39.99 CAD CDN who can resist?

Install your mobile antenna without drilling holes in your car or truck.
Attaches to any metallic surface of your vehicle such as roof, trunk, or hood, and is held in place by a strong 100mm magnet.
Cable is PL259 at the radio end and SO239 at the antenna end.
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Coaxial cable: 4m  ( RG58/U ) 
  • Elegant Design 
  • Connector to Radio: PL259
  • Connector socket to antenna: SO239


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