Why is the Tram 1181 one of our best selling mobile antennas?

Why is the Tram 1181 one of our best selling mobile antennas?

Looking for robust mobile antenna? You’re in luck: The Tram 1181 Dual Band mobile antenna is a great choice. It’s one of the best selling antennas at Fleetwood Digital and here’s why.

Tram 1181 is versatile. It’s compatible with both Land Mobile Logging Road frequencies (VHF) and the frequencies used by amateur radio operators (144-148MHz & 420-450MHz). That means you don’t have to buy separate antennas for different applications. Instead, you can just buy one Tram 1181 and use it for all your needs.

The Tram 1181 antenna is also small in size, but with better clearance than many other antennas when dealing with deep brush or underground parking garages. Plus, it uses a standard NMO antenna mount which offers many different mount options (sold separatley).

Lastly, this antenna is made with high quality materials and is crafted in Taiwan for solid build quality. That means you can rest assured that your antenna is strong and reliable, even in the toughest conditions.

Overall, the Tram 1181 is definitely one of the best mobile antennas on the market today. Its versatility, superior clearance, quality design and construction make it a great value and an ideal choice for your mobile antenna needs.

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