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11M CB Radio - Alive and well in BC!

11M, Single Sideband CB Radio is alive and well in BC, and the rest of North America. This is evident by simply listening to Channel 38 LSB (27.385 MHz) throughout the day and there will be plenty of stations making contacts and exchanging their numbers. Not phone numbers, but their CB Radio call sign. Much like Amateur Radio a CB operator identifies on Single Sideband with a numerical number, usually their member ID issued when checking into a club net. As CB radio is not regulated like Amateur Radio is there is no uniformity to the issuing of the numbers, and its perfectly acceptable to simply use your favourite 3 or 4 numbers followed by your city or geographic area.

Interested in an on air meetup in the Lower Mainland area? Here are some popular times and frequencies where you will hear the locals chat about anything and everything.

Monday - Friday | 7:00 PM | Channel 38 LSB | 27.385 MHz

Sunday | 7:00 PM | Channel 35 USB | 27.355 MHz

Sunday | 8:00 PM | Channel 40 LSB | 27.405 MHz (Radio Canada Net)

All are welcome to join in the fun. You do not need to belong to any clubs, have any licenses, or pass any tests to get on the air as a CB Radio operator.

For those who have the time to enjoy a coffee during the day a local coffee klatch is also in the works. Meeting in and around the Surrey / Langley area on Wednesdays at 11:00 AM. More info in the BC CB Association Facebook Group


Unlike other radio services there is no licensing or examination required to operate a CB Radio. Simply read and understand the one page of rules and regulations and you're all set. Equipment is also far more affordable, and even the antenna does not require a large structure, or a tower on the roof. One can hang an antenna in their den, or even operate mobile from a car. The choice is yours to have an elaborate station, or one that is still capable but modest.

New to radio? Interested in Radio? JOIN THE GROUP! and get to know other like minded individuals who enjoy the hobby and will help you get going.

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