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Collection: CB Radios - Handheld / Mobile / Single Sideband SSB / AM-FM

CB Radios - Handheld / Mobile / Single Sideband SSB / AM-FM

Fleetwood Digital deals directly with the factory authorized Canadian distributor for all our Uniden Bearcat CB Radio, Cobra CB Radios, and President CB radios. Each radio comes with it's original manufacturer warranty and is serviced in Canada. Suit up your 4x4 or off road truck with a CB radio and stay connected to the convoy. CB radio is a great alternative to cell phones when your out on your favourite back country trails where there is no service, just you, your friends, and the open road.

Fleetwood Digital also stocks the "trucker" grade CB radios with all the bells and whistles the professional driver has come to expect in a rig, for their rig.

Looking to chase some CB Radio DX? Fleetwood Digital lists the popular President McKinley SSB Side Band 11M CB Radio. This radio features a full 12W of RF power on either USB or LSB. Pair it with the Texas radial whip and you have a mobile CB radio setup that means business!

Don't forget to also check out our wide selection of CB Radio antennas to complement your radio. An antenna mount will also be required for your CB Radio Antenna. Our helpful staff can assist in directing you towards a setup that will be sure to please.