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Collection: Amateur Ham Radio Antennas For Handheld Radios

Ham radio antennas, for handheld amateur ham radios. Fleetwood Digital has a great range of antennas for all types and brands of Amateur Ham Radios. Choose a 1/4 wave high gain antenna when range is of the utmost importance. When you are close to a repeater, and need small size over range, choose the "Stubby" style.

Need an OEM style replacement antenna for your Ham Radio? Choose the "Rubber Duck" style and get a reliable day-to-day antenna. With both SMA Male and SMA Female, Fleetwood Digital has you covered. We even stock some BNC antennas for older radios. We have a ham radio antenna for almost every situation.

Our lineup of ShengDa Comm antennas has been carefully selected to offer something for everyone. ShengDa Com ham radio antennas are manufactured under ISO standards and offer exceptional value, and reliability in a ham radio antenna.

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