Discover Hidden Treasures at ComFest™ Swap Meet hosted by the Delta Amateur Radio Society

Discover Hidden Treasures at ComFest™ Swap Meet hosted by the Delta Amateur Radio Society

Discover Hidden Treasures at ComFest™ Swap Meet hosted by the Delta Amateur Radio Society


Every year, radio enthusiasts, hobbyists, and collectors from across British Columbia and beyond gather in Tsawwassen for the highly anticipated ComFest™ Swap Meet. Hosted by the Delta Amateur Radio Society, this event has become a haven for those seeking rare radio equipment, vintage electronics, and a chance to connect with like-minded individuals. Mark your calendars because on Sunday, October 15, 2023, ComFest™ will once again open its doors, promising a day filled with exciting finds and camaraderie. -

The Venue: A Scenic Oasis in Tsawwassen

The ComFest™ Swap Meet takes place at a picturesque location in Tsawwassen, British Columbia. This serene backdrop sets the stage for a delightful day of exploration and discovery. The venue is easily accessible, making it convenient for attendees coming from near and far.

A Treasure Trove of Radios and Electronics

The heart of ComFest™ is the vast array of radio equipment and electronics available for purchase, trade, or barter. Whether you're a seasoned radio operator, a vintage electronics collector, or just a curious newcomer, you're sure to find something of interest. The event features:

  1. Vintage Radios: Radios from the early 20th century to modern transceivers are on display. Antique radio collectors will revel in the opportunity to browse through a collection of beautifully crafted radios.

  2. Electronic Components: Hobbyists and makers will find a treasure trove of electronic components, from resistors and capacitors to IC chips and connectors. This is the place to stock up on supplies for your next DIY project.

  3. Ham Radio Gear: Ham radio operators can upgrade their equipment or discover unique accessories that enhance their hobby. Antennas, transceivers, and other ham radio essentials are readily available.

  4. Computer Equipment: Alongside vintage radios, you'll find retro computer equipment, including classic PCs and peripherals, perfect for tech history buffs and collectors.

  5. Swap and Trade Tables: If you have surplus equipment or items you'd like to trade, ComFest™ provides designated areas where attendees can make deals and exchanges.

Meeting Like-Minded Enthusiasts

ComFest™ isn't just about buying and selling electronics—it's also a social event. Radiophiles, amateur radio operators, and vintage electronics aficionados gather to share their passion, swap stories, and form connections. You'll meet experts who can offer advice, share their experiences, and help you expand your knowledge of radio technology.



Exploring the treasures at ComFest™ can work up an appetite. The event typically features snacks, and refreshments, ensuring you stay energized throughout the morning.

How to Attend ComFest™

To attend the ComFest™ Swap Meet hosted by the Delta Amateur Radio Society, mark your calendar for Sunday, October 15, 2023. Admission details, including ticket prices and registration information, can be found on the event's official website or social media pages. -


The ComFest™ Swap Meet is a unique and exciting event for radio enthusiasts and electronics hobbyists. With its scenic venue, vast selection of vintage radios and electronics, opportunities for networking, educational workshops, and delicious food options, it promises a memorable day for attendees. Make sure to plan your visit to Tsawwassen on October 15, 2023, and get ready to discover hidden treasures at ComFest™!


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