Must have accessories for a CB radio

Must have accessories for a CB radio

A CB radio is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends, family, and fellow drivers during trips, or even just for a bit of casual conversation. Despite all the advances in technology, CB radios remain incredibly popular, and even though a lot of them come with a good range of features and benefits out of the box, there are quite a few accessories available which can help improve your overall experience. Here are some must-have accessories that no CB owner should be without:

An external SWR meter is a great little device, and is far more robust than the standard built-in SWR meter. This will measure both SWR (Swr standing wave ratio) and also RF power, allowing you to easily monitor signal strength while you're on the go. The ability to take your signal power readings and make sure everything is at its optimal level is essential with sensitive communication needs such as CB radio.

If you want to enjoy an even better sound quality when using your CB radio, it’s definitely worth investing in an extension speaker. This will not only provide for louder and clearer audio than the built-in speaker, but it can also be positioned so that the audio is pointing towards you, instead of bouncing around the floor of the vehicle.

Finally, another really important piece of equipment is the lightning arrestor. If a thunderstorm pops up near where your antenna is mounted, it can have potentially damaging results. A lightning arrestor is a specially designed device that’s designed to limit the risk of damage by absorbing the voltage spike caused by a nearby lightning strike.

These 3 pieces of kit are must-haves for any CB radio user, and will not only make communicating much easier, but they will also help protect your beloved CB radio (and its users)from potential interference and disasters. So make sure you invest in these accessories, so you can enjoy all the full benefits of your CB radio, worry free.

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