Why the President McKinley is our Top Pick for a Hobbyist CB Base Station Radio

Why the President McKinley is our Top Pick for a Hobbyist CB Base Station Radio

A CB radio base station is an important communication tool for communicating with friends, family and general QSO contacts over far distances. If you are an avid communication enthusiast, the President McKinley CB Base Station Radio is the perfect choice for powerful and clear communications.

The versatility of the President McKinley’s features offers several benefits to the user. The first feature that makes this CB stand out as one of our top picks is having both AM and SSB transition modes. This gives the user the option to choose which mode is best for their particular situation. AM is better for local contacts and SSB is great for long distance DX contacts at higher power levels. With the clarifier being both corse and fine you can also fine tune in stations as precise as possible on a CB Radio.

The front firing speaker is also an outstanding feature of the President McKinley radio. Many conventional CBs have speakers that face up and away from the operator. This can make it difficult to pick up distant signals due to the direction in which the audio is directed. The front facing speaker of the President McKinley solves this problem by allowing sound to travel directly towards the user.

Finally, the easy-to-read display screen is another reason why the President McKinley is a great choice for hobbyists. The large display allows the user to quickly adjust settings and read frequencies off the radio. This is handy as the display will indicate the channel, frequency, and has a S/RF meter. Greater screen real-estate makes viewing easier. The unit comes with back-lighting allowing the user to monitor their signal in any type of lighting condition.

In conclusion, the President McKinley CB Base Station Radio is an excellent choice for all hobbyists who enjoy the challenge of long distance communications. It’s AM/SSB compatibility, front-facing speaker and large readable display make it the ideal radio for DXing for any radio enthusiast.

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