Radio Canada DX International CB Radio Club

Radio Canada DX International CB Radio Club

The Radio Canada DX Group is a Canadian-based CB radio club that was founded in the late 60s by a group of CB radio enthusiasts in Saskatchewan. Known at the time as Radio Free Canada in the mid 60s, the group's primary focus was to provide a platform for Saskatchewan CB radio enthusiasts to communicate with each other and exchange information about the technology.


However, as the group gained popularity, it began to attract members from around the country who shared their passion for CB radio. The Radio Canada DX Group became a coast to coast club community of radio enthusiasts united by their love for CB radio technology and their desire to connect with other like-minded individuals, no longer just the boundaries of Saskatchewan.


One of the most unique aspects of the Radio Canada DX Group was its focus on international communication. Members of the group would often use their CB radios to communicate with other radio enthusiasts in far-flung corners of the globe, exchanging information and building relationships across cultures and borders.


To facilitate this international communication, the group held a weekly net. The net allowed members to check in and talk about interesting articles, news, and technical information about CB radios, as well as reports on the group's international communication efforts.


The Radio Canada DX Group was also known for its dedication to technical innovation in the CB radio world. The group encouraged its members to experiment with new technology and push the limits of what was possible with CB radios. This focus on innovation led to the development of new techniques and technologies that helped to advance the world of CB radio communication.


The group's commitment to technical innovation was reflected in its regular section meetings, where members would come together to share their experiences and ideas and showcase new CB radio technology. These meetings were attended by members from the various metro regions of the country to provided a unique opportunity for members to connect in person and share their passion for CB radio.


Over the years, the Radio Canada DX Group grew to become one of the largest and most active CB radio clubs in the world. The club had section managers for each of the provinces, with local chapters of the club forming an over arching umbrella into an elected board to oversee the affairs of the club as a whole. However, like many CB radio clubs, the group saw its active membership decline in the late 1990s and 2000s as new communication technologies, such as cell phones and the internet, became more prevalent.


The group website officially disbanded in 2018, but its legacy lives on, with a 3rd incarnation on Facebook. The Radio Canada DX International continues to advance the technology of CB radios, and its dedication to international communication created lasting connections between people across cultures and borders.


Radio Canada is still a relevant CB Radio Club on the world stage, holding a regular net on Sunday nights at 8:00 PM Pacific time, Channel 40 LSB, and continuing to admit new members to the club by means of checking into the weekly net. Members continue to chase DX on the band, and rag chew keeping the hobby of CB Radio alive and well.


In conclusion, Radio Canada DX International welcomes new and experienced 11 meter sideband operators and existing Radio Canada DX Group members to join the Facebook and Messenger group as well.

"Radio Canada DX Group" is a non-profit, 11-meter SSB (Single Side Band), Citizens Band Radio Group. The group is open to all Canadians and they take great pride in representing the country to the rest of the CB Radio World. Their aim is to promote a degree of professionalism in the Canadian "Theatre of Radio Operations" and to unite the collective voice of Canadians. Radio Canada enjoys a worldwide reputation of first class Radio Operation.



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