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The Story

So How Did This All Start?
The Story
Ever wonder how Fleetwood Digital Products came to be?

One day I was at a friends house. She had just purchased an iPod Touch and loved it. Thought it was the best MP3/Gaming device she had ever owned. However with her long fingernails the capacitive touch screen was a bit of an issue for her. 

A few weeks later she showed me a stylus she ordered from a seller on eBay. As no one in town sold them that was her only option. The stylus allowed her to navigate the touch screen with ease. No longer were her long fingernails an issue. She also showed me a leather case she purchased at the same time for $10. All the local stores wanted $30 to $40 for a similar case. Recognizing a market for the stylus I promptly imported 10 and began selling them. A week later I had to order more stock, and slowly expanded into other accessories. 

For the next year I continued adding new and exciting accessories branching out into hardware devices. I was one of the first to offer Android Tablets and even had some models branded with the Fleetwood Logo. Being an Amateur Radio operator I was tasked at helping Icom demonstrate their new technology, D-Star, at a local event. The overall event was a success, however some left disappointed at the selection of radios that were available for purchase. 

With that in mind I quickly began researching two way radios and the Quansheng TG-UV2 became my first offering. Within a month I had radios from 3 different manufactures in stock and the accessories to complement them. The first radio sold even before it arrived, same for the second. At this point I knew I had found a niche. Although the iPhone gear still sold well, the radios were quickly beginning to account for more sales. 

Over time the iPhone accessories were fazed out in favor of the radio gear. Today, Fleetwood Digital Products has become a go-to source for many Amateur Radio enthusiast and recreational radio users. Fleetwood Digital Products stocks one of the largest inventories of Wouxun & TYT Chinese radios and accessories in Western Canada. Fleetwood Digital Products is the retail source for Wouxun in Canada! Industry Canada certified Wouxun and TYT land mobile radios are also available. 
Oh ya, and the iPod stylus that started it all. It's right in the front of the office to remind us all that no matter how small an idea, your only limited by your desires and efforts.
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