Unveiling the World of FT8 on the President Lincoln II+ 10M Amateur Ham Radio

Unveiling the World of FT8 on the President Lincoln II+ 10M Amateur Ham Radio


In the dynamic realm of amateur ham radio, enthusiasts are continually exploring new modes of communication to enhance their experience. One such mode that has gained immense popularity is FT8, a digital mode known for its efficiency and reliability. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of FT8 and highlight how the President Lincoln II+ 10M Amateur Ham Radio, favored by operators like Bill (VE7IKX), stands as a robust choice for conquering the challenges of FT8. Additionally, we'll explore why Fleetwood Digital is the go-to destination for acquiring this exceptional radio in Canada.

Understanding FT8

FT8, or "Franke-Taylor design, 8-FSK modulation," is a digital mode that has revolutionized the world of amateur radio communication. Developed by Joe Taylor (K1JT) and Steve Franke (K9AN), FT8 is renowned for its speed, allowing for rapid exchanges of information in a short amount of time. This mode employs a robust error correction scheme, making it resilient to challenging propagation conditions.

The President Lincoln II+: A Radio Up to the Challenge

The President Lincoln II+ 10M Amateur Ham Radio has proven itself as a stalwart companion for operators engaging in FT8. Here's why:

  1. Plug & Play Connections:

    • The Lincoln II+ boasts audio ports and easy plug and play with common digital interfaces making the radio to computer connection seamless.
  2. Stable RF Power Output:

    • With a modern design and front facing analog RF control the Lincoln II+ offers stable RF output and can be set for optimal RF power on the digital modes.
  3. VFO & Memory Channel:

    • The CPS friendly interface of the Lincoln II+ simplifies the operation of programming the radio, allowing operators to navigate settings and make adjustments with ease using a standard USB cable and the free president software. This makes moving from the phone area of the band to the various digital hangouts quick and easy.

Bill (VE7IKX): A Testimonial

Bill, a dedicated ham radio operator with callsign VE7IKX, relies on the President Lincoln II+ as his daily radio for working 10M FT8. His success in making contacts all over the world speaks volumes about the radio's capabilities in handling the demands of daily use.

Why Fleetwood Digital?

When it comes to acquiring the President Lincoln II+ in Canada, Fleetwood Digital emerges as the preferred destination. Here's why:

  1. Reliable Source:

    • Fleetwood Digital has established itself as a reliable and trusted source for amateur radio equipment in Canada. Their commitment to quality ensures that operators receive top-notch products.
  2. Flexible Payment Options:

    • Fleetwood Digital offers Pay-In-4 with Sezzle so you can spread your purchase out over time, and interest free!
  3. Route Package Protection:

    • Fleetwood Digital offers Route Package Protection to ensure that your gear arrives safe and sound from damage and pirates!


In the world of FT8 on the 10M band, the President Lincoln II+ 10M Amateur Ham Radio shines as a robust and reliable choice. As demonstrated by Bill (VE7IKX), this radio is more than up to the challenge of making successful FT8 contacts around the globe. For enthusiasts in Canada, Fleetwood Digital stands as the go-to destination for acquiring this exceptional radio, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience in the world of amateur ham radio.

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