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The use of ham radio, or VHF radio amongst novice users is at an all time high, thanks in part to the Baofeng UV-5R. As the novice radio hobbyist learns fast, it’s very clear that radios cannot work at their full potential without the use of a good antenna. And since the antennas are responsible for the reception of signals, and transmissions across distances either long or short, a lot of work has to go into making the antenna up to par.

One thing that gets asked a lot, “Where can I get a Baofeng UV-5R Upgrade Antenna”. This is of course a very serious upgrade when compared to the stock antenna of old. An upgrade gives your radio a better signal over longer distances and can more effectively deliver clear communication without too much stress involved. At Fleetwood Digital, we’re committed to offering you the best service when it comes to upgrading the antenna of your UV-5R Ham radio. The hand held antenna (Red cap antenna model RC951S) and mini magnet mount car antenna (Red cap antenna RC30VU) are the top antennas for use in an antenna upgrade, and they are both available at Fleetwood Digital. We have not only provided these marvellous products at an affordable price, but also offer a comprehensive analysis of what they have to offer.

The hand held antenna Red Cap Model RC951S is a 35cm high gain dual band VHF/UHF antenna for radios with SMA antenna connectors. It improves reception and range offering better range than a stock rubber ducky. It has a maximum power handling of 10W , Dual Band VHF/UHF frequency range, and a 2.15/3.0dBi Gain. A lot more information can be found about this product on the Fleetwood website through HERE.

The Red Cap Antenna model RC30VU on the other hand is a mini magnet mount car antenna which is used on vehicles, trucks, and especially off-road 4x4’s. It is an external antenna which therefore gives it more advantages over handheld antennas in that it is typically mounted to the roof of a vehicle, higher off the ground, and outside the insulation of the vehicle itself. It’s an easy install, simply mount the base to a flat metal service of any vehicle, while the antenna itself is screwed onto the base, and voila! The best way to order this product or find out more information while thinking about getting a well-deserved upgrade is HERE. The strong magnetic base keeps the antenna in place, and it’s simple to remove if need be. This model has a maximum RF power of 20W, a Dual Band frequency range of 144/430Mhz (2M/70CM) and a gain of 3.0dBi.

The antenna itself is a whooping 35cm long (1/4 wave) and fields an SMA-Female connector. SMA Male is also available if required for your particular radio. Both antennas have a red cap on top instead of the common black felt seen on a lot of other antenna in solidarity for the Canadian company that stands behind them. These antennas are completely supported Red Cap Antenna, located in Surrey, BC, Canada and are very easily accessible to all Canadians and Americans without the inconveniences involved in shipping Chinese products to the west.

The antennas above provide the best upgrade for the Baofeng UV-5R Ham radio. This radio is one with a pretty legendary reputation and absolutely deserves all the hype it’s been getting. The transceiver is a mid-size FM dual bander (VHF/UHF) with FM broadcast reception. It provides local two way amateur communications including dual watch monitoring capability. This masterpiece is very affordable and is available HERE  with very speedy delivery from Metro Vancouver Canada.

These products are especially favourable to people from the United States given the exchange rate advantage possessed by Americans as the product is sold in Canadian Dollars.

These products have positive reviews from previous users who have mostly attested to their effectiveness and easier availability especially when compared to other products which have to be shipped in directly from China. Another interesting factor is the “Life Happens Warranty” of the Red Cap Antenna.

At Fleetwood Digital, our utmost priority is delivering happiness and satisfaction to every single one of our customers and the realization of this goal is one which truly reflects on our company as gathered from feedback accrued over a period of many years. The Red Cap Model antennas are a new entry, as they were released in early 2018, but are providing customers with an affordable option to improve their radio communication experience.

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