BC Logging Resource Roads - Land Mobile Walkie Talkie Radio License


BC Logging Resource Roads - Land Mobile Walkie Talkie Radio

Did you know in BC, and Canada, all Land Mobile Radios (Walkie Talkies) that are used on commercial frequencies such as the LADDs and BC RRs must be both certified for use, and licensed. ISED, formerly Industry Canada, has transitioned the licensing process online, and created a category called "Light Licensed Mobile" that can be used by recreational radio users in the backcountry for the RR and B1 (LADD) channels.


While ISED are the subject mater experts, Fleetwood Digital offers this summary for obtaining the needed license to purchase a programmed radio from us.

Please visit Industry Canada ISED Spectrum Management System here:

You will first need to register a new licensee account, as a private individual, radiocommunication user. This is assuming you are a recreational user (4x4, hunting, prepper, etc..)

Unless you are applying as a business answer "no" to small business, and again as a radio communication user as the holder type.

You can skip the attachment section, and proceed to review your account application and submit.

Once your account is registered you may return to the Spectrum Management website and this time click APPLY FOR A LICENSE and apply for a Land Mobile License, under the Light Licensed Mobile category.

You will then need to login with your credentials created in the account setup.

When asked for nature of service "General Radio Communications"

You will want to apply for the frequencies under Appendix RR and B1

During the application process you will need to provide “co-ordinates” of use, please use the following:

55 00 00; -124 00 00 with a radius of 1000KM

When asked for area of operation BC & AB

Continue through the application process until the forms are complete, validated, and submitted to ISED.

Should you require further assistance ISED can be reached here:

or via mail / phone / fax / email here (BC Coast).

13401 – 108 Avenue, Suite 1700
Surrey BC V3T 5V6
Telephone: 1-800-667-3780 or 604-586-2521
Fax: 604-586-2528
Email: ic.spectrumsurrey-surreyspectre.ic@canada.ca

Once your application is approved and paid for a PDF of your license will be available for download. Please forward and we will be happy to program your radio.

"Old School" Paper License Applications:

Having trouble with the ISED web application process. Fleetwood Digital offers PDF license forms that can be filled out on your computer and mailed into your ISED office for processing (See above if in Metro Vancouver). You must use the free Acrobat Reader to complete the form. This may be different than the built in PDF viewer on your computer.


Once you have installed the free Adobe Acrobat Reader you may download the application form for your radio. You may first have to save the file to your computer and open from within the Acrobat application. Fleetwood Digital has filled in the technical details, you just provide your user information, print, sign, and mail it in for processing.

TYT TH-UV88 Land Mobile Radio Licence Application Form

Pofung by Baofeng P11UV RR Edition Logging Road Radio

Maxon America Handheld TP-8102

Maxon America Fixed Mount Mobile TM-8102

TYT TH-9000D Land Mobile License Application

Please note, the above license application forms are provided AS/IS as a curtesy, and Fleetwood Digital provides them without any implied warranty as to their usability or accuracy. If further assistance is required please contact your nearest ISED office for prompt and efficient service.


British Columbia Resource Road Channels (BC RR)

 Frequency (MHZ) Channel Name (RR) Frequency (MHZ) Channel Name (RR)
150.080 RR-01
150.110 RR-02 150.770 RR-19
150.140 RR-03 150.830 RR-20
150.185 RR-04 151.010 RR-21
150.200 RR-05 151.130 RR-22
150.245 RR-06 151.190 RR-23
150.260 RR-07 151.220 RR-24
150.320 RR-08 151.310 RR-25
150.365 RR-09 151.340 RR-26
150.410 RR-10 151.370 RR-27
150.440 RR-11 151.430 RR-28
150.500 RR-12 151.460 RR-29
150.530 RR-13 151.490 RR-30
150.545 RR-14 151.520 RR-31
150.560 RR-15 151.580 RR-32
150.590 RR-16 151.610 RR-33
150.680 RR-17 151.640 RR-34
150.710 RR-18 151.670 RR-35


5 Channels are also used for loading and unloading

 Frequency (MHz) Channel Name (LD)
151.700 LD-1
151.745 LD-2
151.790 LD-3
151.805 LD-4
151.850 LD-5

While on the highways and freeways in BC the above frequencies are not used. The "LAD" channels are typically used. These are also known in Western Canada as the "Opens" Alberta Open / Saskatchewan Open. Their use is governed by Industry Canada and require a license (like the above) and compliant radio equipment. Click here for info about licensing. For users wanting to apply online please refer to Spectrum Management found here.

In Canada, the LADD VHF channels (Logging ADministration Dispatch) were originally intended for commercial trucking, general communications in forestry & logging, heavy mining, and exploration and petroleum. But, due to the wider availability of low cost VHF FM radios and the decline of CB Radio, recreational users have adopted them for back country communications. For those who do not have reliable cellular service, especially survivalists and preppers, they are an essential communication resource. 

Frequency (MHz) Name Frequency (MHz) Name 
154.100 LAD 1 153.050 Alberta 2
158.940 LAD 2 163.050 Alberta 3
154.325 LAD 3 165.480 Alberta 4
173.370 LAD 4 168.120 Alberta 5
162.210 Alberta 1 166.120 Alberta / Sask.


All information is provided on an as/is basis. No warranty is expressed or implied. All information has been sourced from both government websites and 3rd parties.







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