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BC Logging Roads - Resource Road Frequencies



The following table is the assigned frequencies for the various logging roads as defined by Industry Canada for use by the BC provincial resource roads. Fleetwood Digital offers Industry Canada approved radios that are legal for use on the below frequencies.


All channels are narrow band (11kHz) with a maximum allowed power of 30W. In most cases you will need to run your radio at "Medium" power to achieve the power level.

A license is required to use these channels. For more information please see this page on the Industry Canada website.


 Frequency (MHZ) Channel Name (RR) Frequency (MHZ) Channel Name (RR)
150.080 RR-01
150.110 RR-02 150.770 RR-19
150.140 RR-03 150.830 RR-20
150.185 RR-04 151.010 RR-21
150.200 RR-05 151.130 RR-22
150.245 RR-06 151.190 RR-23
150.260 RR-07 151.220 RR-24
150.320 RR-08 151.310 RR-25
150.365 RR-09 151.340 RR-26
150.410 RR-10 151.370 RR-27
150.440 RR-11 151.430 RR-28
150.500 RR-12 151.460 RR-29
150.530 RR-13 151.490 RR-30
150.545 RR-14 151.520 RR-31
150.560 RR-15 151.580 RR-32
150.590 RR-16 151.610 RR-33
150.680 RR-17 151.640 RR-34
150.710 RR-18 151.670 RR-35


5 Channels are also used for loading and unloading


 Frequency (MHz) Channel Name (LD)
151.700 LD-1
151.745 LD-2
151.790 LD-3
151.805 LD-4
151.850 LD-5


While on the highways and freeways in BC the above frequencies are not used. The "LAD" channels are typically used. These are also known in Western Canada as the "Opens" Alberta Open / Saskatchewan Open. Their use is governed by Industry Canada and require a license (like the above) and compliant radio equipment. Click here for info about licensing.



Frequency (MHz) Name Frequency (MHz) Name 
154.100 LAD 1 153.050 Alberta 2
158.940 LAD 2 163.050 Alberta 3
154.325 LAD 3 165.480 Alberta 4
173.370 LAD 4 168.120 Alberta 5
162.210 Alberta 1 166.120 Alberta / Sask.


All information is provided on an as/is basis. No warranty is expressed or implied. All information has been sourced from both government websites and 3rd parties.