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USB Cable Support

USB Programming Cable Help
Having trouble getting your radio to talk to your computer? The below guide is generalized, and can be applied to just about any of the Chinese branded radios, including Wouxun, TYT, Baofeng, and Quansheng. If you need drivers or programming software please visit the manufacturers website.
1. Is the driver is installed?
2. What is the assigned Com Port?
- Plug in the cable and wait for the computer to detect it.
- Click Start
- "Right Click" My Computer
- Choose Properties
- Click the Hardware tab
- Click Device Manager
- Click the "+" beside Ports (Com & LPT)
- Look for "Prolific USB-Serial" and note the assigned Com Port (Must be 1-4). To change to a different Com port "Right Click" on Prolific, choose properties, click port settings, click advanced, select from the drop down list either 1, 2, 3, or 4 (which ever is available). *** If there is a yellow exclamation mark beside prolific, or an unknown device is present, the driver is not installed correctly. Unplug the cable, restart the computer, and load the XP driver as found on the CD.
It's still not working! Please help!
At times the driver may not load correctly. When this happens follow the simple steps below to remedy the corrupt install.
  • Unplug the USB programming cable from the computer
  • Restart the computer
  • Using the driver install program "uninstall" the driver
  • Restart the computer
  • Install the driver software
  • Restart the computer
  • Plug in the USB programming cable and confirm the assigned Com-Port per the above
If the above also fails you may need a different driver for your exact version of Windows, or another piece of hardware is conflicting with the cable. Using a search engine such as google with the search term "prolific usb to serial drivers" followed by your windows version and revision number may yield positive results. Joining one of the below user groups may also be beneficial as chances are someone else may have already found a solution for you.
Windows 7/8/10
Windows 7 and above will automatically search for new drivers when hardware is installed. While this can be helpful for some hardware, Windows will load a newer driver that may not be compatible with the revision of the chip inside your programming cable. This is typically the case when you receive a "Code 10" error indicating the device cannot start, when installing the cable on a Windows 7 computer. To remedy this you have to force Windows to use a earlier version of the driver software. Simply follow the below steps to install a working driver.
  • Open the Device Manager
  • Right click the prolific USB-Serial device
  • Select "Update Driver Software"
  • Select "Browse My Computer"
  • Select "Let Me Pick From Installed Drivers"
  • Choose a version that is LOWER than 3.2
  • Click OK/Apply
  • Restart the computer
The driver is installed, anything else?
Lower the speed of the virtual com port:
At times newer computers simply process data to fast for this type of software to handle. By lowering the speed of the com port the information being read and written may transfer more reliably and less likely to error out. Use the below guide to change this setting (Windows XP)
  • Click Start
  • Click Control Panel
  • Double Click System
  • Click Hardware (Top)
  • Click Device Manager
  • Double Click Ports
  • Double Click Prolific USB-Serial
  • Click Port Settings
  • Change "Bits per second" to 9600
  • Click Ok
  • Restart Computer
"FIFO Buffering"
FiFo buffering has been reported as causing communication errors. Try disabling it. See above to adjust this setting.
3. Software (Chirp)
- When starting the software be sure to choose the correct radio version if required. For example when using a UV-5R, you will select Baofeng as the manufacture, and UV-5R as the model.
- Select the assigned COM port (Port)
Click Read from radio
- Click "Start"
- Make desired changes
- Click Program
- Click Write to radio
- Click Start
The radio screen will flash once done.
TYT Hints
The TYT software has a known bug where the radio will "time out" when attempting to read from it. If after confirming you have the correct com-port selected and the cable installed correctly simply click the retry button and the communications between the radio and computer should initialize. If further issues persist, that are not resolved, possibly try asking the many experts in the groups below.
Baofeng Hints
If you receive communications errors, and you are 100% certain the com-ports are correct, and you have tried everything else here is a possible "work-around". The Baofeng is very susceptible to RF noise during programming. This will cause the radio to error, and not write any data. First, ensure you are on a frequency(s) that is 100% quiet. If that fails, turn the radio off, and when powering the radio on, click "write" as the voltage is being displayed.

Known cable issues.
Some "no name" or unbranded cables do contain an implementation of the Prolific chip that is simply not compatible with Windows 7 and above. If after trying all the steps here, and you still cannot get your Prolific cable to function, we recommend purchasing a cable with a different chipset, such as the Wouxun PCO-001 USB cable that contains a Silicon Labs chipset. This cable functions very well on newer systems such as Windows 8 and Windows 10, and can be found on the Fleetwood Digital website in the Programming Cables section. A genuine Baofeng cable is also compatible that is known to function well on modern OS'es.

Software Downloads:
Software CDs can also be purchased from Fleetwood Digital for a nominal cost. It is the same software as you would download from the manufacture, but unzipped and ready to install.