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Generic-S021-Antenna Adapter-Fleetwood Digital

SMA-F to SO239 UHF Antenna Adapter


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Today is Oct 28, 2020 and life is too short to live without the SMA-F to SO239 UHF Antenna Adapter. Go on, at only $12.99 CAD CDN even (s)he will say yes :)

Converts Chinese style SMA F to SO 239, ready to accept a PL259

SMA F -> SO-239

SMA-F -> SO239

Wouxun PT# AAO-001

Generic PT# S021

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  • Do you think it works on my MOTOROLA Saber? SMA-F TO SO239-F ANTENNA ADAPTER thank you

    Most of the Saber radios use a different variant for the antenna. As a result I do not recommend, nor even believe, this adapter will fit/function.


  • Hi Bill , I am looking to connect Tram 1185 external antenna to Biofeng Uv5r. Is it adapter I need?Thank you

    Yes. This adapter will allow connecting of a PL259 antenna to the Baofeng UV-5R