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Super Amateur Ham Radio Resource USB Flash Drive Computer CPS Programming Software Retevis / Wouxun / Baofeng / TYT / AnyTone / Quansheng + MORE!

Super Amateur Ham Radio Resource USB Flash Drive Computer CPS Programming Software Retevis / Wouxun / Baofeng / TYT / AnyTone / Quansheng + MORE!

Don't forget to pair your programming software with a Quality programming cable. Scroll down for our recommendation.
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Amateur ham radio programming software is a critical tool for radio enthusiasts, enabling them to configure and customize their ham radios efficiently. This software simplifies the process of programming frequencies, channels, and settings, making it easier to connect with other operators, access repeaters, and explore various modes and bands. It typically offers user-friendly interfaces and often supports a wide range of ham radio models, catering to the diverse needs of the amateur radio community.

This software is especially valuable for managing memories, scanning functions, and creating backups of radio configurations. It may also provide features for digital mode operation, firmware updates, and data logging. Amateur ham radio programming software plays a pivotal role in maximizing the capabilities of ham radios, ensuring operators can communicate effectively and adapt to changing conditions, frequencies, and operational requirements.

This USB Flash Drive contains the following Windows software:


  • RT85
  • RT95
  • RA79
  • RT5R
  • RA89
  • HD1
  • HD2

AnyTone Models:

  • AT-5555 (Quad 5)
  • AT-6666 (Quad 6)
  • AT-778
  • AT-778 Vox
  • AT-779
  • AT-158
  • AT-5189
  • AT-D578UV
  • AT-D578UV Plus
  • AT-D578UV Pro
  • AT-D878
  • AT-D878UV Plus
  • AT-D878UV II Plus
  • QPS-289
  • QPS-588N
  • QPS-888
  • AT-R780


  • QS UV-5R Plus
  • QS UV-K5
  • QS UV-K5(8)


  • TH-350
  • TH-UV98
  • TH-UV8200
  • TH-UVF9D
  • TH-UV8000D
  • TH-9000D
  • TH-8600
  • TH-7800
  • TH-9800
  • MD-380
  • MD-380 GPS
  • MD-750
  • MD-2017
  • MD-UV380
  • MD-UV390


  • KG-UVD1P
  • KG-UV2Q
  • KG-UV6D
  • KG-UV7D
  • KG-UV8D
  • KG-UV8D Plus
  • KG-UV8E
  • KG-UV8G
  • KG-UV8H
  • KG-UV8Q
  • KG-UV9D
  • KG-UV9D Plus
  • KG-UV9D Mate
  • KG-UV9K
  • KG-UV9P
  • KG-UV9T
  • KG-UV66
  • KG-UV86
  • KG-UV899
  • KG-UV920P
  • KG-UV950P
  • KG-UV980H
  • KG-UV980P
  • KG-UV980R


  • KT-8900R
  • KT-7800R
  • KT-980
  • UV-5R WP
  • JT-5988


  • CP-UV2000
  • SY-UV99
  • FE-M1
  • M2
  • M2D


  • HG-UV98


Also contains over 300 articles and eBooks covering many facets of Amateur Ham Radio.

In Addition to the local content a link to the archives of 73 Magazine is also provided for online viewing (Requires internet connection)

The contents are provided as/is with no technical support offered for the use of the contents. Technical support is available via the many Internet forums and the radio manufactures themselves.



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