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Workman Electronics

Workman Electronics BS1 27 MHz 11M Indoor CB Base Antenna Dipole

Workman Electronics BS1 27 MHz 11M Indoor CB Base Antenna Dipole

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Quick Specs

  • 10M
  • 6M
  • 26.965 - 29.700 MHz
  • UHF / SO239

  • 200W

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Beat the HOA or Strata and work DX with the Workman BS1 Indoor CB Base Antenna. Perfect for apartments, condos, townhomes, or free-standing houses where placing a vertical or beam outside is simply not possible.
  • CB Radio Dipole
  • 200W Maximum RF
  • 12' RG58AU Coax with PL-259 on Each End
  • Frequency Range: 11M 27MHz CB Band 40 Channels AM / LSB / USB
  • 1/2 Wave
  • 50 Ohm
  • Includes centre fed conductor with UHF (SO239) connector and two element spools. 
  • Perfect for indoors, in a den or shack!

    As a Dipole, this CB base antenna should be mounted at about 16 Feet above ground, but could be installed as little as 8 Feet above ground. Second story or attic if using indoors. 2nd floor or above if in a condo or apartment.

    Why does Fleetwood like this antenna?

    • It's small and compact. Attic or Bedroom. 
    • It's a complete, ready to install, CB base antenna
    • It's low cost and performs well
    • Perfect for an apartment, condo, or townhouse.

    Installation Suggestions:

    Feed the coax out a window and then...

    • Run the antenna along the gutter for great SWL properties
    • Start at the gutter and run to the ground as a sloper dipole antenna
    • Start at one end of the gutter and finish at the other end, with the middle of the antenna forming a "V" Dipole Antenna. (45o angles)
    • Start in the middle and allow the ends of the antenna to head towards ground in an inverted V dipole antenna format (45o angles)
    • Tree to tree or fence post to fence post. The higher above ground the better!

    No window nearby?

    Drill a Hole through the Ceiling of the radio Shack and put the Workman BS-1 CB Base Antenna Dipole Antenna In the attic. Use any of the above installs that meet your environment and individual band needs.

    Apartment / Townhouse / HOA Dwellers:

    Hang the Workman BS-1 Dipole Antenna at the very top corner of a bedroom and run the antenna long the lengths of the two nearest walls, with the excess left to drop to the floor. The antenna should resemble a sideways L (90o angles) Be sure to avoid electrical ceiling lights!

    The Workman BS-1 Dipole Antenna is Compact, Complete, and ready to Install!

    Fleetwood Digital wants to be your first choice for CB base antennas for sale in Canada.


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