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Workman Electronics / DistribuComm T734 Discone Multiband CB / 10M / 6M / VHF / 220 / UHF Amateur Ham Radio Antenna


Workman Electronics

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Do you have questions about the Workman Electronics / DistribuComm T734 Discone Multiband CB / 10M / 6M / VHF / 220 / UHF Amateur Ham Radio Antenna? Don't hesitate to reach out, were more than happy to help out.

Discone antennas are great for when broadband application or frequency range is required. These antennas are capable of operating at a VSWR of 1.5:1 over a very wide frequency range, making them very desirable for those wishing to work a wide range of frequencies. The small size is also advantages for those who do not have the luxury of space to install larger beam or dipole style antennas. Unlike other discone style antennas, the T-734 includes a whip for working 6M, and 2 telescopic elements for dipping into the HF bands covering 10M & 11M CB.

Simple construction includes screwing in the short elements on top to create the "Disc" and the longer elements on the bottom to create the "Cone" A whip installs in the centre and protrudes upward, while 2 lower radials telescope out for additional frequency coverage.

  • Multipurpose Antenna
    • Scanner
    • CB Radio
    • 10M - 1.2GHz Amateur Radio 
  • RX Frequency Range 25MHz - 1300 MHz 
  • Transmission Frequency Range:
    • 26 MHz (~11M CB)
    • 27 MHz (~10M)
    • 49 MHz (~6M)
    • 144 MHz (2M)
    • 220 MHz (1.25)
    • 440 MHz (70CM)
    • 900 MHz
    • 1290 MHz
  • 200 Watts Max
  • Sturdy construction, solid elements
  • Made in Taiwan

Does not include pictured mast.

Note: This antenna is branded by several manufactures. The actual received brand will vary based on stock availability.

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Ask a Question
  • Bought this but no assembly sheet. It's ok if you don't have one, I'll go by the pictures if I have to. Thanks Brian Lister

    Hi Brian,

    The manufacturer does not provide a step-by-step building sheet, but rather a diagram on the back of the product information card. If it helps the discone comes with 3 sets of elements. The short ones go in the middle of the base and go outwards (forming the disc), the longer ones go on the bottom (forming the cone). A single element that I believe is longer than the others goes on the top pointing up.