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Collection: TYT Amateur Ham Radios and Accessories

TYT Electronics has 15-years of experience in two-way radio manufacturing. They  design in-house to produce shells, antennas, keypads and more. 

Their 20 R&D engineers have ten years of industry experience on average, and most of them have worked for well-known enterprises like Kenwood and Marantz. They use state-of-the-art machines for R&D such as signal generators, HP network analyzers, RF testing machines and more.

TYT has their own molding factory to offer customized radios. And with an in-house molding development ensures both prompt delivery and reliable quality. Currently TYT has well over 20 models in their full catalog.

The QC team consists of over 15 members with eight years of experience on average. They carry out strict tests at every step. TYT offers a one-year warranty for their products. 

TYT radios are built in a 10,000-square-meter factory, equipped with six auto SMT lines from Yamaha.