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Priority Traffic! - SARC Fox Hunt May 7th - BBQ Information

Due to illness of the organizer, the BBQ part of the foxhunt has been cancelled, so you may wish to bring food of your own (although soft drinks and water will be provided). 

SARC’s (Surrey Amateur Radio Club) foxhunt will take place on May 7th at Crescent Park in South Surrey. Use the park entrance at 129 St. off Crescent Rd. to access the start location.

The foxhunt itself will be cancelled in the event of heavy rain and a go/no go decision will be made at approx. 9 a.m. Saturday.

Registration and coaching are from 9-10 a.m. and the 80m foxhunt from 10-12. You do not have to have a ham license to participate and family members are welcome.  All necessary equipment can be borrowed or purchased.

What is an amateur radio fox hunt you ask? Small radio transmitters are hidden in an enclosed area. These transmitters emit a signal, usually morse code, every minute or two. Using special radio receivers and antennas, one listens for the signal and then moves according to the strength of the received signal. If the signal is getting stronger, you are on the right path! However if the signal weakens its time to turn in another direction. It's also not uncommon for the transmitter to be a few feet up a tree, or even under a rock! Family fun for all ages, with no radio license required.

This is primarily an 80m foxhunt, but you can also try out 2m, as a beacon will be set up.



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