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Collection: Base Station Dipole, Discone and Vertical CB / VHF / Ham Radio Antennas

CB / HF & VHF / UHF, The antenna is one of the most important pieces of any radio setup. Choosing a quality name brand antenna is essential to any station setup no matter the brand of the radio being used or where the radio will be operated. Fleetwood Digital offers broadband discone antennas for when operating a wide range of frequencies. We have both semi permanent and portable dipole antennas for camping, field day, and home installs. Our Tram-Browning VHF / UHF antennas offer superb performance for local communications. Our Windcamp HF antennas will allow just about anyone with the most modest of stations to work the world.
Fleetwood Digital wants to be your first choice for CB base antennas for sale in Canada. We have the Solarcon 99, and the replacement for the Solarcon Max 2000, the all new Solarcon MaxOptimizer. The Workman W58 cb base antenna is a good choice for when space is limited, and the Saturn CB base antenna is great for when real estate is at a premium as it does not need a ground plane. Working in an antenna restricted area? The Workman BS1 indoor dipole is easy to install in a ceiling or attic and provides exceptional range for a cb base antenna of its size.